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Digital Imaging and Data Recognition Services

We provide document scanning services with high speed scanner and skilled man power.

Digital Imaging or Scanning makes your business records available instantly as digitizing handwritten or printed information instantly multiplies the possibilities for using your information in secured way.

Advantages of an electronic record

• Creates a master from which number of copies can be produced in electronic or printed form.

• Easier to share in standard file types for immediate transfer.

• Accurate search functionality of previously inaccessible information.

Collection, capture and conversion

We provide complete scanning service, either through regular input or intake of batched volumes of documents, or scanning individual documents on demand.

We design our workflow to ensure that your business requirements are met. Once paper is scanned, it enables digital sharing between users thus creating a powerful tool increasing the efficiency. Varying document sizes and types can be captured using high-speed scanning equipment and skilled staff. Images are typically presented in multi-page TIFF or PDF, but can also be output in JPG or PCX formats with output onto CD/DVD or hard drive or FTP or the web

Formatting for maximum value

Digitization with character and data recognition vastly increases the possibilities for using the information contained within documents in printed text, handwritten documents or tick boxes.

Securely stored

Your scanned documents are kept on scanning servers for an agreed timeline, and backed up by us daily onto tape to ensure availability.We also offer document management system software to securely host your images, which can be accessed through a web browser.

What are the benefits?

• Electronic documents are much easier to locate, manage and to update.

• In the event of a legal case, it would it be easier for you to locate and retrieve all paper records relating to a particular subject.

• Minimise storage costs - Free up your own server space for critical information.

• Agile working and efficiency - Electronic documents are easy to search and are accessible wherever you are based.

• Paper can be misplaced, damaged or inadvertently destroyed, but with electronic records available, these worries can be put to rest.

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