Power Line Networking: Turn any Electrical outlet into Ethernet Connection

q Turns any electrical power outlet into a network connection
q Enables high-quality video streaming, gaming and VoIP over a home network
q Delivers up to 200 Mbps to any outlet
q No software required—just plug and play
q Ideal solution for connecting PCs, Games Consoles and Digital Media Adapters to the network
q Use existing electrical wiring
q Plug one EGPLC Cat Modem into your router and nearby electrical socket, then plug a second Cat Modem into an electrical socket near to the device you wish to network¹
q Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) enables smooth video streaming, gaming and uninterrupted telephone calls via the Internet
q Transfer large files to networked storage devices
q Supports up to 16 EGPLC Cat Modem units on one home network
q Co-exists with other HomePlug compatible products
Advanatges:Simply plug & Play, Use existing electrical wiring, 10 times faster than wireless ethernet, easy to setup