Thin Client : CR_N230M

The Network PC Station enables you to dramatically cut computing costs by sharing the untapped power of PCs. The access devices, Ethernet-based User eXtension Protocol, and PC Station software work together to efficiently harness excess computing capacity and enable multiple users to share a single PC. Best of all, IT staff and end users do not need special training because this end-to-end solution is easy to manage and is compatible with standard PC applications.
The Network PC Station devices do not have a CPU, hard drive or CD-ROM, yet most users find it indistinguishable from a full PC environment since it runs a normal User Account assigned by the host's OS. The Network PC Station exclusive technology allows you to add up to 30 access devices to your existing PC. Each access device offers a full and independent computing experience.
Simultaneous desktop operation
Each access device connects to a workspace created by Network PC Station on the host PC OS and can run its virtual desktop concurrently and independently through Ethernet.
Minimal Maintenance Required
You only have to maintain and upgrade the host PC since the access devices have no CPU, hard drive, or CD-ROM.
Small sleek design
Small sleek designAllows more room in your office or on your desk, and can even mount on the back of your LCD monitor with included bracket.
Since the access devices have no moving parts, it makes no noise and saves energy by drawing only 5 watts.
Supports multiple resolutions
640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024, max 1440*900 by 24-bit colors.


The N230M includes a microphone port.
Download user guide | Download Driver